It’s under control………

So, after finding my inner mojo last week the twins have decided that now is the best time to start moving…..cue that mojo being tested!

I had completely forgotten, even though I was here only 2 years ago with my eldest son, just how taxing this can be. It has also coincided with one of the busiest weeks for my Husband so my wing man has been somewhat consumed with earning money to keep the brood in nappies & swimming lessons. This week has been mostly spent trying to keep my 8 month old twins out of A & E!!!!!

To be fair, our girl twin, the youngest by almost an hour and the one we affectionately call buddha due to the fabulous rolls of fat that adorn her body, is quite content to drag herself around the room throwing in the odd roll so speed is not high on her agenda making her easy to man mark. If it were just her I would be throwing myself a big high-five…. I would have it nailed and whilst I sat cooing at her efforts I could be sipping a cold glass of Sauvignon blanc and watching Loose Women, however…… this is not my life now or probably EVER………

I also have the speed twin, not content with crawling he has decided it is also time to pull his tiny twin frame up any piece of furniture, staircase, person (whether that is a sibling or not) in his attempt to get higher, further, faster, quicker, higher, further, faster….you get the picture. ‘Cute’ you say…. ‘NO’ I shout back. This ball of blond hair and big blue eyes is like a tsunami in our house and the 5 other humans and 3 cats who share his space are exhausted. The cats screech in terror as he goes for a tail, ear or more often than not the cat food – it has nutrients right??? It can’t be that damaging plus he is weaning so it isn’t like it’s a first taste or anything. The older siblings are stashing toys and snacks in places I never knew about in the house and I have lived here for 10 years. I hear cries of ‘Mam he is doing it again, get it off him, he has ripped my picture, stolen my breakfast’, you get the picture….

His poor twin, the one he spent 8 and a bit months sharing a womb with has had approximately 317 rice cakes stolen from her this week, her favourite shaker wrenched from her chubby hand about 762 time and quite frankly looks at him like he is the devil incarnate.

Hubby and I have discussed getting him a crash helmet for everyday use, to save on any lasting damage he is causing himself. Although I will give him this, like the Chumbawumba song, he gets down, he gets up again, and again and again and again. He is perpetual motion. It has taken me on average 2 hours and 37 minutes to unpack two shopping bags of groceries three times this week (after trips to stock up on rice cakes) as I retrieve him from whatever predicament he has gotten himself into around 714 times an hour. I have ‘restrained’ him in his learn ‘n’ groove for brief moments however this also comes with risks as he is learning if he gets enough momentum going he can almost launch himself head first over the top and makes it known to the whole of the estate he is not happy to be in the expensive ‘multi sensory’ toy we have purchased for him.

I have 4 young children and have run toddler activity groups for years and NEVER have I experienced such a menace!! There is hope……his determination and athletic prowess might stand him in good stead over the years???? As I write he is lying next to me, after the fourth time of climbing the stairs to resettle him I gave in….. his will power is greater than mine… but I look at him with a heart bursting full of love for him and the other 3 amazing children we have been blessed with and think I may be slightly fraught this week but my god it is soooo worth it! Now pass the wine…………


Hello world!

So, this week found me lying naked in a field of bluebells……. yep, you read it right. After 4 kids including a set of twins I tucked my ‘mum tum’ into a pair of Marks & Spencer’s finest control pants and off I set to a secret destination only revealed the night before with 7 other women. Too nervous to eat breakfast the first calories of the day came in the form of Prosecco, after the first glass took hold I reached for the bottle and topped up the glass, dutch courage you understand??

The boudoir shoot was a gift from my Husband at Christmas. Whilst I hope the pictures will be a great gift back, who doesn’t want their Husband to find them drop dead gorgeous after nearly 10 years of marriage? I hope they will also be a confidence boost for me. Surely I can still rock sexy after 3 pregnancies and a few war wounds?

I had never met the other girls before yet on the day it was a strangely bonding experience. Some were there as a surprise gift to a partner, some wanting to celebrate mass weight loss and some like me spurred on by a Husband who no matter how much I moan and groan about all my lumps and bumps (and I moan about them a lot), still tells me how gorgeous he finds me every day and is trying to show me what he sees.

Despite the nervous tension, each woman in turn tip toed down the path to the area the pictures were taken like a frightened fragile bird then 30 minutes later returned strutting her stuff, swishing her hair and with a new-found glow in her cheeks. Last to go (on purpose) I grabbed the suggested tasteful costume changes and headed on down the path. Stripped down to underwear and lying in the bluebells the sun was like a spotlight on me, the photographer was amazing with her direction and after only a few seconds I was holding the poses like a pro! It was liberating, empowering and I felt bloody amazing!!

Okay I might have only had the twins 8 months ago and my tummy may still look like a saggy old empty carrier bag but hell sexy is more than a size 0 stick figure with no curves. This week, thanks to my Husband, I got my mojo back and it feels fantastic.

Sexy isn’t what you see on the outside it is the confident strut of the woman working it, so if you need a boost just get naked in a bluebell field!

Thanks to Dimples and Daisies Photography x