Not a pretty sight….

So, this week my bestie came to stay. She text me the day before to ask whether we were staying in or heading out. Er…. heading out of course. The reply came about two second later ‘I won’t bother with PJs then’ this sums us up.

We have been friend for 17 years, we met at university when we were both studying law (Oh yes, I have a real grown up degree), although we were the least likely looking law students you have ever met. Outside the lecture theatre still drunk from the night before we would share a cup of coffee and a fag in the morning, too poor to afford one each. One term we actually agreed to alternate lectures and swap notes so we both didn’t have to attend all of them, (although I think I lost out as I am sure I got insurance law whilst she got the juicier criminal law) as if this was going to guarantee us 1st class honours…… We hit it off instantly and became close friends almost overnight.

So, this week saw her turn up on the doorstep with gifts for all the kids, including haribo which she doled out for their bed time treat and the catch up started – this will be remembered when I visit her and give her kids Red Bull instead of the usual bedtime drink! Our friendship is really tight, her home is mine and vice versa. My kids call her Aunty as in the absence of a sister she is the closest thing to it. The kids do have some amazing Aunts in the form of my sister-in-laws but you know what I mean. It was 6pm and the first large glasses of wine were poured…. it was decided to worry about dinner later…big mistake!

By the time hubby arrived home from appointments at 7pm we were on our second glass BUT the 4 kids were ready for bed so we were rocking. It was agreed we would get the kids to bed and head to the pub. So, once the stories were done and babies settled we slapped on some lippy and changed tops ready to go. We both chose the exact same top but in different colours, her a black number and mine in her words ‘slut red’ although I prefer strawberry and peach coloured. This would be a big deal to most, choosing the exact same top which she brought with her from Eastbourne some 2 hours away but honestly, it used to happen all the time. 8pm we headed out after a few more…..

We hardly ever get to catch up now we have families but there was a time that every weekend found us in some dodgy club at the end of a pier or in some backstreet town busting our moves to the latest R & B classics…R Kelly remix to ignition anyone???? The night would end with a stop at the kebab shop, a few grazed knees after falling out of a taxi, cup of tea & toast and then bed where we would fall asleep talking crap. So it was fantastic to be sitting in a grown up pub, drinking more wine, having some nachos (we decided this qualified as dinner) and getting a little reminder of who I am. You see when you get married and have a family it is easy to become someone else, the stepford wife, conformist, yummy mummy whatever the tag but the reality is I am none of these. Don’t get me wrong I think I am a bloody good Mammy and I hope my Husband would say I am a good wife but the reality is I like to have fun. I like to let my hair down, dance on the tables, have a few drinks, laugh lots and carry the party on until the early hours without someone wagging the fingers or tut tutting. I can do all of these things with my bestie and to be fair my Husband thank god.

I digress, so we had a few more drinks and at last orders headed home. Luckily by this point I was still semi sensible and decided that the short cut of through the woods we used to get to the pub quicker was not the best idea going home in the pitch dark. We stumbled home and by 11.30pm the key was in the door and we probably should have put the kettle on, had a cuppa and retired to bed but NO! My poor husband had said already he would cover the school run in the morning and take the twins for a couple of hours so I could recover the next morning, with this pass firmly in my mind we opened the fridge and reached for the wine! After a glass the best course of action we decided was to wake my husband from his sleep to join us for an 80’s music extravaganza…hmmmm…..

So at 12am myself and bestie were belting out classic 80’s tunes whilst barking demands at my husband who was obviously now the DJ. The wine was topped up, because obviously I hadn’t had enough and then the dancing started. It all goes a little fuzzy here but Hubby informs me that ‘remix to ignition’ made its debut in proceedings and that whilst demonstrating how fabulous I was at grinding R & B style I ended up more than once on my bum! At some point I passed out on the sofa and was duly covered with various ‘Frozen’ fleeces and pram blankets. This is not before I rang my own Mam at 12.30am as obviously she would want to say Hi?

The photo above isn’t of me but it may as well be, the next morning I spent cuddling my en suite toilet whilst my bestie probably still drunk zeebideed around the house. Eventually Hubby sent me back to bed, without a tut or moan and swept the twins off for a day with their Daddy. My bestie gave me a big kiss and off she went with a large bottle of water hoping her hangover would wait until she at least got home.

I think we would both like to think we are like Thelma and Louise but the reality is we are more Patsy & Edina from Ab Fab (although I gave up smoking 10 years ago and am no longer blonde). The thing is neither of us care, I really admire those Mums at the school gate who can pull off the perfectly put together composed thing but it just isn’t me and never will be. Every now and then I can feel myself starting to change, adapt or maybe even try to conform so thank god for these nights when I am reminded that it is OK to be a little wild….

Thanks go out to my amazing Husband for looking after me in the aftermath and for reminding me that it is ok to let your hair down, that this doesn’t make you a bad Mammy, in fact its a bloody good tonic. And thanks to my amazing bestie – don’t ever change x x x


3 thoughts on “Not a pretty sight….

  1. It was so very kind of you both tothink I would want to join in…….I also have a voice mail of you both belting out some song….by the way I wouldn’t have it any other way…..Luvs ya, kisses and biggest hugs from Mam xx


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